Monday, March 12, 2012

New Tales From The Void Entries

Daybreak - I still call this moment dawn, even though it's not the sun that rises.

For the Love of Light - Bella's life is thrown for a spin when she accidentally interrupts two strange men arguing. Will anything ever be the same?

The Incubus - A dark Incubus troubled by visions and reoccurring dreams, meets a beautiful but mysterious girl at a party, but all is not what it seems to be...They say be careful of what you dream and desire...

Our Moment in Time  - Alice has discovered a new gift. Not only can she see the future, but she can travel to the past. She gives Edward and Bella the gift of one moment in time, when they are both human, by taking Bella back to 1918 for one night of steamy passion.

Watermark - AU/AR BxE BPOV Time placement is relative. So is love. Being trapped by both is usually considered bad. But what if being stuck removes pain, fear and regrets? Reality is what we make it. Rated M for violence.

Edwardella The USS Twilight was due to return to Starfleet Command Base 6 months ago, but nothing has been heard from them...well that is until today!

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